About Us

The Valour Place  committee led by Hon. Col. Dennis Erker, of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, came together in January 2010,  to raise $10 million to build and furnish a 12  barrier-free  bedroom home to be named Valour Place.

The board and committee membership was drawn from both the civilian and military communities.  All members share a connection to the Canadian Forces.  Some are current members of the CF, some are volunteers with military associations, some have traveled to Afghanistan and some have family members who have served or who are currently serving with the CF.

All committee members strongly endorse and support Valour Place as an important addition to the quality of life we enjoy in Edmonton.   The vision for Valour Place has come from within this group of dedicated volunteers.  It is their intention that the vision will be realized with the construction of a state of the art facility for injured soldiers, RCMP and veterans and their families who do not reside in Edmonton and who require a place to stay during the period of their medical treatments and appointments.

Valour Place has become a model for community action and support for Canada’s military in other centres across the country.  Over $7.5 million has been raised from donors at all levels of support.  It has become evident that Valour Place  is bringing Edmontonians and Albertans together to show that we understand sacrifice, we appreciate freedom and we support the people that have given us the life we enjoy today.