How to book a stay

Who Can Stay at Valour Place?
We provide a temporary home away from home for eligible guests who require medical treatments in Edmonton, Alberta, and live outside of city/area. This service is provided at no cost to guests.

 Eligible guests include:

• Canadian Forces Members
• RCMP members
• Military & RCMP Veterans
• Families of the Fallen
• First Responders (subject to availability)
  and/or their family members

How to Book:

Serving CF – Contact your CF Health Services or local IPSC.
RCMP Members – Contact K-Div Peer to Peer Advocate Cpl Chantal CADZOW at 780-218-5196.
VAC Clients – Contact your VAC Case Manager or Client Service Agent.
Veterans (not on VAC claims) – Contact your local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, or the House Manager directly for instructions.
Families of the Fallen – Please contact House Manager directly.
First Responders – Contact your Supervisor.
Our House Manager -  oversees the day-to-day operations of the house, coordinates accommodations and can be contacted at:
                      Tel: 780.455.7707     |    Fax: 780.455.7740     |     E-mail: