Pathway to Valour

Help us line the Pathway to Valour - Donate today!


Valour Place was built thanks to generous contributions from people and companies alike. By donating to the Pathway to Valour, you are contributing to the Valour Place Endowment Fund, a fund that keeps our doors open and will help maintain the building and service level the House is able to offer for years to come.

For each $100 donation, we will acknowledge your generous contribution by laying an engraved stone along our pathway around Valour Place.

Stones can be obtained for a number of reasons:

  •   To support Canada’s Armed Forces, RCMP and law enforcement personnel
  •   As a birthday or anniversary gift
  •   As a tribute to a fallen military, RCMP or law enforcement service member
  •   To feel good and get a $100 tax receipt

                     Two Easy Ways to Donate Now!


On-line - safe and secure, with any major credit card

Step 1 – Click the ‘Donate’ button and choose whether  -  personal  OR on behalf of an organization

Step 2 – On the secure form  -  

                (a) complete the "Donor Information" and "Address Information" sections. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

                (b)  under "Campaign or Event" - choose "Pathway to Valour" from the drop-down list, and enter what you would like engraved on your stone.  

                (c)  complete your "Payment Information" 

Step 3 – Share your support of Valour Place on social media 

Step 4 - Await your tax receipt and Pathway to Valour certificate. These will be mailed to you.


Cheque or Cash

Step 1 - Click on the 'Place a Stone' button (below), and complete the Pathway to Valour form, including the 20 characters* you'd like engraved on your stone, and click 'submit'

Step 2 - Mail your cheque made payable to   VALOUR PLACE SOCIETY or bring your cash to

                                  11109 - 111 Ave.,    Edmonton,  AB    T5G 0C6

Step 3 – Share your support of Valour Place with friends and family

Step 4 - Await your tax receipt and Pathway to Valour certificate



*Valour Place reserves the right to censor and edit content for stones as they see fit.