10Thousand Nights Lodging

Valour Place Reaches 10,000 Nights of Lodging

January 18, 2017
Valour Place has now offered 10,000 nights of lodging to military, RCMP and veterans’ families since opening its doors only 4 short years ago.  On any given night, up to 12 families can safely and free of charge stay at Valour Place.
“No one imagined, that when Dennis Erker, the Honourary Colonel of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, recruited a committee of supportive members of the Edmonton community to address the issue of military family separation during rehabilitation or illness, we would be providing 10 thousand accommodation nights in such a short time,” said David Kent, President of Valour Place Society.  
Accessing state of the art medical and rehabilitation therapies is imperative for injured and ill Canadian Forces Members, RCMP and Veterans, but can be expensive for families living outside of Edmonton. Successful rehabilitation is dependent on these facilities but also the support of loving family in a warm and welcoming environment. This is where Valour Place comes in. 
The first of its kind in Canada, Valour Place is the ‘hope away from home’ where Military, RCMP and Veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.   It is a temporary residence with 12 private barrier-free bedrooms with a private bathroom, TV and internet. Families share a large common kitchen, a welcoming dining room and living room, relaxing family rooms, along with a recreation room featuring children’s play area, exercise equipment, games area, library, and arts and crafts area. A wheelchair accessible van is also available for transportation when needed.    
Valour Place is much more than a house. “With all the uncertainty that we have had to face since my husband’s hospitalization, Valour Place has relieved a lot of our stresses, so we can focus all our energy on his recovery and rehabilitation,” said current guest Teresa Glanville. “The staff are very friendly, thoughtful, helpful and truly the heart of this place.  We are blessed to be part of the Valour Family, and able to stay here as long as need be.”
Lydia Migus, Valour Place Executive Director has estimated that they have saved families an estimated $1.2 million in out-of-pocket costs for lodgings.  “We are proud to be able to provide the families of our Military, RCMP, First responders Veterans, and the families of the Fallen, a  ‘hope away from home’ when they need it most,” she said.  “When dealing with a stressful situation, the last thing we want is for people to have to worry about paying for a hotel or transportation to visit their loved ones.”  
Valour Place is beholding to its many volunteers and donors, large and small, who have made this facility possible.